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  April 18, May 9 and 7/25-2017 - Security  

Are you intimidated by all the security mandates requiring that data be securely transferred across your network?  
Does your technical z/OS Communications Server Staff need to boost their confidence in implementing encrypted
transmissions to/from z/OS?  
Could your z/OS Communications Server system programmers use a "jump start" in working with digital certificates
and deploying Secured Sockets Layer (or related technologies), IP Security (IP Filtering and VPNs), and Intrusion
Detection Systems?  
If so, send them to the "no-tuition" offering of the hands-on workshop named "Securing and Encrypting
Network Traffic to z/OS Communications Server with Policy Agent", where they will perform these tasks successfully!
Enrollment is By Invitation Only - Only IBM representatives and Business Partners are allowed to enroll their invited
customers in this workshop.  This is a STANDBY course and, as such, all students are initially placed in a PENDED
status until all steps below have been completed.

Please read all the information in the attached flyer before requesting consideration for enrollment
and review the week's agenda for more detail.  Do not request enrollment if you cannot attend the
FULL class, as there are only 18 seats available in this intensive lab class.

Note the following rules for enrollment:.
-  We limit the number of customers to 3 from a single account.
-  The attendees must be at an intermediate to advanced technical level.  (See prerequisites in the attached Flyer.)
-  Nominations are through IBM Marketing Representatives, Client Technical Support Representatives, and Business Partners only.  
For Nomination/Enrollment procedures:  Please see the attached FLYER.

Three classes to choose from:
The Agenda:
4/18-4/21 McLean, VA  
5/9-5/12 Raleigh, NC  
7/25-7/28 McLean, VA  

Right Click and "save as" to download a copy and review.

Nominations accepted by Linda Harrison - lharriso@us.ibm.com

For questions about this 5x5, please contact Linda Harrison (lharriso@us.ibm.com).  
For questions about class nominations, please have your IBM Marketing Team or the Business Partner Team contact Linda Harrison - lharriso@us.ibm.com.

Linda Harrison
WSC z/OS Network Team
Phone 720-396-6925 or tie 938-6925

  Thanks for the Submission: Stan Muse- IBM  




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