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Page Last Changed: August 27th 2018
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  Welcome, and summer is upon us.

The Atlanta Db2 Users Group (ADUG) is a public group that focuses on IBMs database Db2 and the associated technologies. We do embrace all platforms that Db2 runs on and those technologies also.

We look at online transaction processing environments as well as business intelligence or data warehousing environments. 

If you use Db2 in your day to day work as a database administrator or an applications programmer, if you sell software that uses Db2 as a data server or sell software tools that help others do their jobs, please click on “Join Us” and be added to our email list. 

Once your on the ADUG email list you will be notified about up-coming events for ADUG and other Db2 User meetings as well as the International Db2 Users Group (IDUG) meeting and events.

Welcome to the group,

Ted Alexander

President, Atlanta Db2 Users Group.


Our Next Event:

Is Currently in the planning stages.

We are looking for a company to host the group. If your company has the facilities and would be willing to let us meet there for the day, please let one of the board members know and we would be happy to work with you and your team to have ta meeting at your facilities.

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