Data Warehouse Defined

The Data Warehouse

Historically, data management has been linear in nature. Collect. Store. Review. Modify. Review. Collect. In effect, electronic data has been managed more or less as a two-dimensional spreadsheet.

However, today's competitive market has heightened the value of data collection, data management and most importantly data interpretation. Automation of data collection is now pumping huge volumes of data into the corporate workplace.

A skilled business manager can understand relationships in the numbers and data on spreadsheets and data reports. Unfortunately, as the volume of data collected increases, so do the variables and relationships contained within the data.

Consider the depth of data collected in this example. A grocery chain with 1200 stores uses a preferred customer card that is scanned at the checkout stand when customers buy groceries. In one transaction data collected includes a mix of the customer's demographic profile, geographic information, product types purchased, cash transacted, credit card, check number, time of purchase, the sales clerk's id number and so forth.

Multiply this transaction by millions or billions and you see why the term Data Warehouse is appropriate. Access and understanding of these incredible volumes of data can only be accomplished with DW tools. The Praxium Group designs and installs data warehouse solutions.

Without effective query tools (the most important element in data warehousing) and without proper data warehouse architecture in your hardware/software systems, your data is just a lot of numbers. Data Warehousing gives you the ability to deeply understand your data. The Praxium Group can install interfaces that give you the data management control you need.

D/W is more than just the storage and retrieval of vast amounts of information. A Data Warehouse installation must provide meaningful reports instantly reflecting accurate information contained within the relationships of raw data. Only then can effective, powerful and profitable decisions be made in your management of information and data.

At The Praxium Group we excel in the implementation of this science, technology and art known as Data Warehousing. Call us at 1-678-985-9901 to learn more.


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